Enjaz Solutions is a leading systems integrator in Iraq. It is best at understanding the different business needs of corporate clients, and in then integrating IT and communications technologies to offer real solutions to these needs. The quality and commitment of the Enjaz Solutions team is the company’s main strength and ensures that the company always delivers to client expectations.



Enjaz Solutions has a top management team who have experience working in complex operations environments. We know what it means to be on the other side, and the sort of service a client expects. Our values are centred in ensuring that our team always deliver to our clients’ requirements. Whatever the time and whatever the issue, we solve it. To be able to deliver on this promise we ensure that our solutions are best of breed, that our teams are highly qualified, that we are always available, and that we communicate with clients on any issues there may be.

Enjaz Solutions offers a wide range of satellite internet packages. From single-PC consumer systems to enterprise-class business solutions, we will meet your need and your budget. 

We proudly feature best-selling products from Avanti Communications through Ka Band and Hughes, iDirect, NewTec and Comtec Technologies with Shared and Dedicated Services. We also provide SNG Services for TV and Media Clients



Enjaz Solutions signed agreement with AVANTI SVNO (Satellite Virtual Network Operator) for Middle East.

We proudly announce that we signed an agreement with Avanti as an extension of the previous one to give the satellite broadband service to Iraq.

We are also proud to announce our sister company (Engineering Solutions Company - ESCO) for software and applications which will support all of our customers


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